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So what happens if you are diagnosed?

Testicular cancers are also called germ cell tumours. Germ cells in men produce sperm, which is why you get the tumours in your balls. There are many different types of testicular cancers from Seminomas, Non-seminomatous germ cell tumours to rarer types such as non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

If you are diagnosed as having one of these then try not to worry. Testicular cancers are among the most treatable forms of cancer and have very high survival rates. However, saying this is a lot easier than doing it.

This is where we come in. If you have been diagnosed recently and want to talk to someone then give us a call on 0161 331 9856 or fill in the contact form on the contact page here.  Our job is to help you through this process and understand that there are many ways to deal with it. Jack, our founder and Chief Executive, has been through this himself and he’d be happy to meet up for a coffee or have a chat over the phone to talk about his experience and what he did to cope through the process.

Mostly, know that you are not alone and there are plenty of people you can talk to. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed. Be proud of who you are and fight back!

Testicular Cancer Peer Support Group

In August 2017, we received some funding from People’s Postcode Trust to set up and run the first of its kind peer support group for Testicular Cancer patients and survivors in Greater Manchester. The group will be held on a monthly basis, each group will last for 6 months giving the opportunity for boys and men to share their experiences and meet other survivors. Each session will be based on a different theme/topic relating to the journey after being diagnosed. We hope the groups will bring value to your life!

If you are currently going through Testicular Cancer or are a survivor and would like to attend the peer support group please register your interest here: Registration Form