Bungee in December – Are you MAD!?

Published on:
13th October 2015
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Yes, that’s right I decided to have our first ever fundraising event as a bungee jump in the worst possible month of the year!

This post is to give you an insight into the first fundraising event organised for BaggyTrousersUK, the full details will be included in our annual report.

Upon setting up the charity I needed to organise a fun and thrilling fundraising event to generate funds to get the charity started/on its feet. You have to learn to walk before you can run they say, I certainly tried doing the opposite by setting the goalpost of committing to a minimum of 30 jumpers.

With the help from others I achieved the 30 jumpers for the original set date in November however Salford council couldn’t permit BungeeUK to operate on that date as there was a football match in the local area the same day.

When I re-scheduled around 10 jumpers couldn’t attend due to not being available on the new proposed date. We weren’t worried as there was still 20 jumpers and time to recruit more.

As time was ticking it was getting closer and closer to the event date, I still only had around 20 jumpers, I made the decision to contact BungeeUK to reduce our first proposed 30 jumpers to a new number of 20, sometimes you have to take the rough with the smooth and work with what you’ve got.

Each jumper was set to raise £100, anything more was a bonus! – One jumper did an amazing job in fundraising for us and achieved £420.

Leading up to the event the weather was still warmish and I had thoughts of it being quite warm conditions on the day of the jump, how wrong was I? on the 5th December 2014 the temperature dropped to around 2 °C and what made conditions worse we were jumping over Salford Quays dock that was open and exposed for wind to hit from all angles.

A lot of the jumpers did their jump and left pretty much straight after (I don’t blame them I’d of done the same), I had the best job of the day – making sure everyone was alright and organising jumping orders whilst doing two tandem jumps myself (I was scared of heights until after that day) the side effects from the chemotherapy saw myself and another cancer survivor freeze all day and its not good when you have Raynaud’s Syndrome

Overall, it was a fantastic day and I like to think everyone enjoyed it. I’d also like to thank everyone that was involved, if you would like to see the pictures from the day CLICK HERE.