Meet the Team: Rob Roughley

Published on:
29th April 2024
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Welcome to the second post in our blog series – meet the team! It does exactly what it says on the tin! Gain an insight into the lives of the people who run, support or volunteer for Baggy Trousers UK.

In this edition we meet one of our board members and chair – Robert Roughley.

1) What does your role involve for BTUK?

I am the chair of trustees & a trustee. I undertake testicular cancer and mental health awareness talks on behalf of the charity, chair monthly board meetings and currently fundraising by running 2400km in 2024 to raise awareness and funds for the charity.

2) Where were you born and where are you from now?

I was born in Wallasey, I now live in Bramhall.

3) What do you do for a job away from the charity?

Director for a Construction Company.

4) How do you take your tea or coffee?

Strong with a drop of oat milk.

5) Do you have experience of testicular cancer, either first hand or second hand?

First hand experience. Diagnosed on my birthday 23rd Dec 2020. Stage 1 – 1cm tumour. Had operation and 1 shot of chemotherapy. Regular appointments every 6 months.

6) How often do you check your nuts?


7) What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid?

Professional rugby player or businessman.

8) What was the last book you read and the last film you watched?

Book – The Art of Resilience.

Film – The Gentlemen & also the series.

9) If you could swap places with anyone for the day, who would it be and why?

Jonny Wilkinson 2003 Rugby World Cup – that drop goal!

10) What is your favourite BTUK blog?

The Nuts and Bolts of Prosthetic Testicles (we’re working on this one now – will be good one when released!).

11) What is your favourite genres of music?

Dance / Trance

12) What’s the best place you have ever been to?

Bali – amazing place, the people, culture.

13) What do you hope to achieve with BTUK?

Raise awareness about testicular cancer, encourage men to open-up and talk about their feelings, guide people to how to check and the importance of checking, and support people going through testicular cancer.

14) Tell us something not many people would know about you!

I have never been on a rollercoaster.

Want to be part of a team that makes a real difference?

Here at Baggy Trousers UK we are always looking for new ways to raise awareness and offer support. This includes welcoming volunteers and expanding on the team we already have. Over the coming weeks we will release a few more blogs in this series, revealing the names and faces behind our charity, and what they do for us.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee for BTUK then we are more than happy to have that conversation. What we do has a real impact on people’s lives, helping those impacted by testicular cancer and going through treatment. It is extremely rewarding and an incredibly important role to raise awareness, release the stigma, and save lives.

For more information contact us using our contact form, or get hold of us on FacebookInstagram, or X (Twitter).