Music for Merrick

Published on:
12th August 2017
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Founder Jack Broadley and Treasurer Jessica Rae attended Music for Merrick on Sunday 30th July 2017, a fundraising event in aid of BaggyTrousersUK.

Organiser Joely Mitchell said “I chose to raise money in aid of BaggyTrousersUK as my brother in law, Jamie, is currently fighting Testicular Cancer.

He is 12 months in and still has a long road ahead, but we are all very optimistic.  When we found out that Jamie had cancer, it obviously took us as a family, by total surprise. We were all so shocked and upset, but we’ve all pulled together to be there to support Jamie, Cara and their 3 children in whatever way we can.

I did a google search online to see if there were any charities out there that could provide extra support to Jamie, even just someone who’s fought or fighting it to be able to talk to Jamie, I felt it would be a massive help. It was then that I came across Jack Broadley and the charity he set up BaggyTrousersUK.

After reading his story, I felt that I absolutely had to do something more to support Jamie, but at the same time raise money for BaggyTrousersUK to enable them to keep spreading awareness about how to check yourself for testicular abnormalities that may otherwise go undetected until it’s too late, so I came up with the idea of ‘Music for Merrick’.

After speaking to Jack for some time on the phone and discussing my plans, it was full steam ahead to piece the event together and I am pleased to say that with 6 weeks of tireless planning, we did it!

We had over 400 people through the gates of Hemel Hempstead Football Club and had live music from a local band called UnderView and DJ Dan Cassidy, various food vendors, stall holders and inflatables for the children to play on.

The atmosphere was incredible and despite a 20 minute down-pour, the sun then came out and stayed with us for the rest of the day.

As a result of the event, I, along with my friends, Gemma Reynolds, Ben Whittle, Charlotte Hosier and James Hood, to name a few, managed to raise £817.83 which I am incredibly happy with.

I would now like to make this an annual event as a lot of people that came, asked if we were going to do it again. I feel that with 12 months of planning, instead of 6 weeks, next year’s event will be even bigger and better!!”

Jack said, “I’m so glad that Jamie was able to join us on the day and see how much support he has behind him, Jamie had just finished a round of chemotherapy treatment that morning, he was in high spirits all day! We’re very grateful for the support and funds raised on the day. I would like to personally thank Joely for doing such a great job in organising a fantastic event in such a short amount of time.”

If you would like to organise your own fundraising event in aid of BaggyTrousersUK visit our Fundraise section.