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Our Story

BaggyTrousersUK is a cancer charity based in the North West of England, it was founded by Jack Broadley in 2014. After going through his own experience of testicular cancer at the age of 21, Jack decided to take on this challenge to embark on a journey that would inspire him to helping others that have been affected by the illness that he’d once had. Jack felt an inherent urge to make a difference in the lives of males affected by testicular cancer and that, with the charity being run by a survivor, he could get the message across to others by the telling of his experience.

Our Aims 

1. To promote and protect the physical and mental health of sufferers of testicular cancer.
2. To provide financial assistance, support, education and practical advice to those affected by testicular cancer.
3. To advance the education of the general public in all areas relating to testicular cancer.

What We Do 

As a charity we deliver a number of different services, we raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer, actively promoting the benefits of early detection and encouraging males to visit their GP if they detect any of the signs or symptoms.

We deliver engaging awareness talks and showcase awareness exhibitions/stands in public and corporate places handing out self-help materials such as leaflets, posters and step-by-step checking cards.

We provide financial and peer support to men who have been directly affected by testicular cancer via telephone, email, social media and a monthly peer support group.