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How to bag yourself a corporate sponsor!

In this post I will be talking you through the process of when businesses give back, THEY GIVE BACK!

I attended a ‘speed-dating’ networking event hosted by Tameside4Good and Tameside Council (Made in Tameside) on the 19th May 2015 at BrotherUK in Ashton-under-Lyne.

I was joined by 14 other charities and 15 businesses wanting to know what they can do to give back to their community. The idea of the event was to bring the hard working volunteering organisations/charities and local businesses together to help the community.

Each charity had five minutes to pitch how they think the business could help them and communicate as effectively as possible, first impressions were a big part of this networking event.

I attended the event with no expectations other than the charities best interests at heart, I spoke with companies such as: Santander, O2 (Formby Connections), New Charter, Bardsley Construction, Tameside Council, IKEA and Benchmark Building Supplies.

The event was opened by Phill Brown – Managing Director of Benchmark Building Supplies, then stepped up the Ambassador from Timpson to talk about what they have done to help prisoners gain back their lives – They’re all about second chances.

After brief introductions lasting 30 seconds to 1 minute, that left me four minutes to negotiate a potential donation of time, money or resources. In that four minutes the businesses had a criteria to hit before making a decision to help the charity pitching for support.

I asked Santander, O2 and Bardsley Construction to enter a team into our five-a-side football tournament due in a month’s time, they accepted and pledged to enter a team for this tournament. They also pledged to give raffle prizes to contribute towards the fundraising day.

Saving the best until last, by this time I’d pitched similar information to 14 businesses, Benchmark Building Supplies was last on the agenda – Phill Brown the Managing Director also sat in for this one which surprised me and put the pressure on a little.

I expressed to Phill and his colleague why I started the charity and what I was looking to achieve, it was at that moment the process of the event changed, instead of me pitching to Phill what I’d pitched to the other, Phill simply told me what he has to offer.

The offer was more than anyone could’ve expected and a fantastic result not only for BaggyTrousersUK but Tameside4Good as the event organisers.

Phill pledged the following:

  • Sand and Stone tonne bags with the charities message and branding to generate exposure and an optional 50p donation per bag from clients of Benchmark Building Supplies.
  • Funds to create a brand new website developed by the award winning digital agency Banter Media.
  • Digital marketing apprentice at our disposal for any marketing needs.

I left this event ready to cry with joy from the response and atmosphere of the event. The new contacts I’d acquired will become very useful and vital to the charities development and operation.

  • My advice for any other charity attending an event like this:
  • Be yourself – Don’t try to be someone you’re not.
  • Have no expectations – If you leave with something it is a bonus!
  • Enjoy it – Speak to people that have experience you prosper to gain.
  • Be confident – First impressions seal the deal.